Our name ‘Issa’ written ‘一茶’ in Japanese Kanji means ‘One Tea’ and is inspired by one of Japan’s most prolific poets, Kobayashi Issa, famous for writing over 20,000 ‘one breath’ poems now known as the ‘Haiku’.

In Japanese culture, whilst the family relaxes over a cup of tea and contemplates the beauty of the natural world, an elder member will often compose a ‘Haiku’ to encapsulate the feelings of that particular moment. Hence our name ‘Issa’.

One tea… One moment… One poem…

Based in Miyazaki on the Japanese island of Kyushu, Issa Tea is grown in the perfect environment to produce a premium quality Green Tea.

All of our blends use the first flush tea leaves, carefully selected to guarantee the absolute finest of flavours.

Popcorn tea – Japanese Summer – Miyazaki Green Tea – Emperor’s Hojicha – Oriental Fire – Japanese Spirit